2015 Youth Summer Servant Adventure: A Review

Fourteen members of Trinity's Youth Group with their four adult leaders spent an amazing week on their Servant Adventure in Northern Idaho.

The seven high schoolers lived at a former forest service fire fighting training camp near the small community of Prichard, ID. They spent the first part of their day in work teams, serving alongisde youth and adults from other churches in Washington and Colorado, helping local elderly residents with yard work, home repairs, and chopping/stacking firewood. The afternoon were spent in Bible study, leadership training, worship and various outdoor activities.

What did the high schoolers think about their experience?  

“I loved worship and deep meaningful conversations we had with each other. We got to share what was really on our hearts.”

“One of my most meaningful moments . . . was when we got to comfort our new friends from Colorado after they found out about the tragic passing of a friend back home.”

"Before each Bible study .  . . we were asked to be silent for a moment. These moments of silence in the beautiful outdoors made me feel close to God.”

“I really enjoyed meeting new people, especially getting to know some amazing Christian adults.”

“I felt so peaceful being out in nature! God’s creation is so beautiful!”

“I felt so loved by Richard, the elderly man, whom we helped this week. He had a lot of back pain, so he really appreciated our service. He came out of the house, talked to us, and gave us all hugs.”

“I will never forget this servant adventure because of the work we did. It made it so much more meaningful than any other Christian camp.”

“I loved spending time with the residents of the nursing home in Wallace. I think I want to look into possibly doing that in Tacoma too.”

The middle school group spent the week on Lake Coeur D’Alene as a part of a multiage Christian camp program with “champ campers”: kids with disabilities. By the end of the week, the middle school youth had gotten a chance to go on an overnight canoe trip, build a golf course for the camp, lead worship, and work on establishing regular personal time with God.

What did the middle schoolers think about their experience? 

 “One of my most meaningful moments at camp was spending time with the “champ campers”, who had different levels of disabilities. It helped me realize how much they are just like us.”

“One of my favorite parts of camp was trying something new each day: swimming, or archery, or going on a canoe trip.”

“It was great spending time with my cabin mates. We met new people and got so much closer to each other!”

 “One very memorable moment was when our cabin witnessed one of the champ campers have a seizure, and we prayed for her together. It was so great to see her well again.”

“One night during worship, we prayed together as a cabin. It was a very special moment that brought us so close together and to God! We even walked back to our place all holding hands!”

 ”A really cool moment at camp was when, during the Prayer Around the Cross, our counselor prayed for each one of us, and then John suggested that we all pray for our camp counselor, and we did.”

The youth and their leaders would like to express their deep gratitude to their Trinity family for supporting them as they grew closer to God, to each other, and learned to be servant leaders in the community!