Trinity Presbyterian Church began with a congregation of 13 people in 1891.  This small and determined group met originally in the downtown Tacoma YMCA but eventually built a small church at our present site (6th and Grant).  In 1922 a new, bigger building was constructed.  The new building included a large basement and small gymnasium, as well as a beautiful sanctuary with striking stained glass windows.

Today, our building is aging but our spirit is revitalized.  We continue to seek God's calling in our Hilltop neighborhood and Tacoma community.  We desire to be an agent for God's grace, love, and mercy.  We feel our mission is clear: to live the Gospel in the heart of Tacoma, and, through Jesus Christ, to bring hope, health, and compassion to all we encounter. The video to the right is a part of our annual meeting as we celebrate what God is doing in us and with us. It also gives you a taste of how we are family - sibling teasing and all.

In 2016-17, Trinity is celebrating our 125 years as a congregation and this video features Trinity's kids sharing our story: