August: Hands on Worship

Over the last few years, we have taken the month of August to welcome our younger worshipers into the worship service (ages Kindergarten and above). This both familiarizes our children into the shared worship life of Trinity and gives our Sunday School teachers a much needed break! We've attempted to make worship more "family friendly" and engage people of many different ages through the years. This year, we are going to engage with some of Jesus’ parables in a unique way.

For the first three Sundays in August (Aug 2,9 and 16), there will be several "worship stations" set up around the sanctuary to aid you in meeting God. This change will help us to move from sitting more passively in the pew to a posture of hands-on engagement with God's Word. One station might offer a commentary to read, another might give you space to pray, or a third might invite you to create in response to God's voice in the parable. It will be a different way to engage scripture compared to a sermon, but it will be a great way for us to worship together.

So come try it out. Enter as a child into a new way to worship. You might be surprised to find that you really like it!

The worship service begins each Sunday at 10 AM at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1615 6th Avenue, Tacoma