A Spring Adventure with the Bobcat Learning Center

Trying something new can be difficult for all of us. Daniel Akamine, one of the Bobcat Learning Center Staff members reflects on watching the middle school students move outside their comfort zone.


For Spring Break, the Bobcat Learning Center took a group of Jason Lee Middle School students to Climb Tacoma, which is an indoor bouldering gym. All of the students got the opportunity to boulder and took the leap of faith to overcome the mental and physical challenges of bouldering. During this outing you could hear many of our students positively encouraging each other to figure out new routes on the bouldering wall as well as provide tips to each other to reach their bouldering goals.

climbing1 (1).jpg

Many of our students were not afraid to ask for advice from experienced climbers, such as Brian Doyle who is one of the founders of Climb Tacoma. Brian and Climb Tacoma staff members provided a welcoming and supportive environment for the Jason Lee students.  As a staff member at the Bobcat Learning Center it was inspiring to see Jason Lee students who had never bouldered or climbed before step out of their comfort zone and try something unlike the traditional sports they are used to.