Living in the Neighborhood

This is a reflection written by Melissa Yager who serves at the Interim Front Door Ministry Coordinator at Trinity.

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My favorite part of assisting with the Front Door at Trinity and being the steward of this ministry is all the neighbors I get to meet. I often walk to Trinity and get to chat with our neighbors, especially those who live at the Salvation Army.

One new neighbor I have become friends with first came into the Trinity House office during the fall. Mrs. M. is in her late 60s and has been living at the Salvation Army for a while. She was behind on utility payments from her old apartment and could not come up with the back payment to clear her account. This overdue bill was preventing her from being placed in an apart. An amount of money that felt astronomical to someone who is on a fixed income, was within our Front Door budget.

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Today, as I was walking to the Trinity House, Mrs. M stopped me on the road and told me she had been accepted to move into an apartment and she would be moved in by the end of the month! She was so happy. I am also so happy that I got to be apart of Mrs. M's life and joy in this way. 

Thank you Trinity Family for caring for your neighborhood in this amazing way.