30 Hour Famine 2018


Every year, the Trinity Youth participate in World Vision's, 30 Hour Famine. This learning experience and fundraiser focuses on the 795 million people around the world facing chronic hunger. February 24-25, 2018, the youth spent 30 hours fasting, while learning about these important issues and serving at local nonprofits. Read on to hear a little more about their experience.


Twenty-nine youth and six adults gathered this year from Trinity, Overlake Park, Snohomish, and Calvin Presbyterian Churches for the annual 30 Hour Famine. It wasn’t our first, and it won’t be out last

We wanted to be together, to raise money, to learn about poverty here in Tacoma and around the world, to think critically about our call as follower of Jesus, serve our community, and have some fun while we were at it!

During one special time, we were visited by Anya, a refugee from Luhansk in Eastern Ukraine. She is 17 years old.


Anya spoke to us in Russian, translated by Children Youth and Family Director, Julia Corbett. Anya shared how she and her family got out of her city just weeks before the war erupted. They moved from refugee camps to apartments and back to refugee camps. Sometimes her Dad would bring home only one loaf of bread for the entire family. It never really felt like reality, always like a dream. She imagined she would wake up and be back in her old home. Now, Anya goes to Stadium High School with some of our Trinity Youth, but somehow they've never seen her until now.

Listening to Anya, volunteering at TRM, and holding a prayer vigil, we were reminded that the funds we raise for the 30 hour famine are for real conflicts and deep trouble that harm real people.

This year our goal was to raise $3000 to give to World Vision. We haven’t quite reached that yet. If you’d like to be apart of our effort, but have not had the opportunity to donate yet, it’s not to late. Click here and to get started.

Many thanks to everyone who prayed for us, donated, helped with breakfast, drove children, spent the night on the floor, and danced team name aerobics. None of this would be possible without you.