Welcome Back, Daniel and Laura!

Trinity is pleased to be welcoming back Laura Johnson and Daniel Akamine to the Bobcat Learning Center team!

Daniel and Laura spent the 2016-2017 academic year serving the students at Jason Lee Middle School, both in classrooms and in the afterschool programing. Read on to hear their thoughts as they begin a fresh year.

My favorite part about working at the Jason Lee Learning Center is doing a cooking enrichment with the students. I wanted to cook with the students because cooking and eating a meal together was always a way for my family and I to come together for some memorable times and I wanted to bring that experience to my students. Last year the cooking enrichment was a gateway for me to get to know the students better and this year my hopes are to use the cooking enrichment as a tool to inspire my students to make meals at home for their family and friends.
-Daniel Akamine
Starting another year at Trinity and Jason Lee’s Learning Center feels a bit returning home. One of the greatest joys I found in my work last year was the community that I got to be part of. In almost every activity, program, or event we put on, there was collaboration, familiar faces, and a sense of shared purpose. What makes this community so special is how welcoming it truly is. With a new year comes even more opportunities for me to grow personally and in community at Trinity. I look forward to getting to know my coworkers, peers, students, and everyone else even more and continuing my part in the Trinity community story.
-Laura Johnson