What, exactly, do men do on a Men's Retreat?

We play Ultimate Frisbee until our legs are like jelly. 


We go into Poulsbo to a brewery if we feel like it. 

Oh yeah, we also got deep and stuff . . . Jesus' time in the desert taught us about abundance over scarcity, mercy as opposed to sacrifice, and equality over domination. 


I enjoyed the opportunity to engage the head and the heart to think about what transformation looks like in my own life-particularly as many of us embark on new chapters of life with jobs, family, kids, etc.

The 2015 Trinity's Men Retreat is over. The men are back and we wonder, "What exactly happens at a Men's Retreat? What do they do?"  Some men have come forwarded to let us know EXACTLY what goes on:  

We eat as much junk food as we want.

We kill off people in countless games of Mafia and don't even feel bad about it!

We are challenged to create feats of bridge civil engineering. 





I was reminded that I am not as young as I was but neither am I as old as I feared. 




We play ping pong with 12 people at a time. 



The time to catch up with new friends and old always makes for a special weekend. 


In the end, we were left with the message of what it would mean if we could begin seeing our lives as Christian men through a different lens.