90 Days with TAP

Rachel Boisen, the Coordinator of TAP (Trinity's Afterschool Program) was hired as Coordinator three months ago. As a part of her 90 day review, Rachel shares with us, what these first 90 days have been like.  

"Truly, the success of TAP has so little to do with me and so much more to the commitment of my amazing tutors. Eighteen adults from the church and community come at least once a week, armed with reading lessons, patience, and positive attitudes to give my kids the one-on-one attention they so dearly need. I love to walk around TAP and hear explanations of the silent “e” rule and frustration with the “k” in “knew,” mixed with jovial conversation about crazy pet antics or a game of hangman. You are the people who make it happen, and I’m blessed to support you however I can!
Every day the TAP kids ask, “Do we have kid tutors today?” and I echo their enthusiasm!  The Trinity Middle School students do a fantastic job matching the energy of my students, telling jokes, and independently creating new activities to help master challenging skills.  I couldn’t be more impressed by their determined, creative efforts to serve the TAP children. 
Beyond TAP, my role at Trinity also includes coordinating Christmas House, our seasonal gift-sponsorship program.  In partnership with the Morgan Family YMCA and the Blue Vesper’s program at Immanuel Presbyterian, this past December we gave presents to 104 people! That includes five more families than we had initially planned!  Your generosity and commitment to this neighborhood absolutely astounds me!  I found the process stretching and challenging in ways I never imagined, but delivering the gifts and receiving a taste of the impact of this ministry left me excited to start again!
I suspect the next 90 days (and beyond!) will be filled with an equal measure of challenges, joys and growth. I look forward to meeting these experiences head on as I join you in serving the Bryant Neighborhood."

P.S.  Are you interested in joining the fun at TAP?  Talk to me! rachel@tpctacoma.org.