Trinity Outreach Programs 2012-15 Strategic Plan Review

They say a Strategic Plan is only as good as the amount of time it spends off the shelf and in your hands. Luckily, our recently-completed 2012-15 Trinity Outreach Programs Strategic Plan spent a lot of time being put to use. The Trinity Transformational Presence Team spent many hours of hard work on this plan, and we are grateful for all the incredible, life-changing work that has taken place over the past three years. 

Below are some of the highlights of what was achieved through the 2012-15 Trinity Outreach Strategic Plan:

  • 30% growth in number of program volunteers.
  • 30% growth in funding.
  • 46 students served through TAP.
  • 445 students served at the Learning Center.  (TAP & Learning Center numbers do not count the hundreds of students served by our staff through in-class assistance.)
  • A brand new Learning Center program model at Jason Lee through partnership with the Peace Community Center and Jason Lee middle school.
  • Over 5,000 kids and adults served through Pat's Closet & Tony's Kitchen.
  • $35,000 raised through the Trinity Outreach Auction.
  • 2 Focus Groups conducted on Christmas House and Tony’s Kitchen. 
  • Transformational Presence month of October has become a mainstay at Trinity.
  • Our stated partnerships (Northwest Leadership Foundation, Peace Community Center, Tacoma Public Schools) are healthy and growing.
  • We have undertaken the process of completing our next Strategic Plan, aligning our process with the future vision of Trinity Presbyterian Church and our ongoing mission of Transformational Presence here in the Bryant Neighborhood.

We are extremely grateful for the many faithful volunteers, staff, and community partners who have made this work possible. Here's to what has been, and to what is to come!