Trinity Dreams

We all know we need to do something about our building. BUT what does the Trinity that will inhabit this building look like in 10 years?

This Fall at Trinity, the Session & Building Steering Team are involved in a Vision & Planning Process and we want to hear from you! 

SO, we’re inviting every person at Trinity to get involved in TWO ways:

1. Be a part of a Trinity Dreams Conversation 

A 90 minute conversation dreaming together with other Trinity folks about where God is leading us as a congregation. Click here for the Facilitator's Packet.

    If you’re already in a Trinity Community Group…

  Plan to get your group together between now and October 20th to have this important conversation.

    If you’ve expressed interest in a new Community Group….

  Then your first meeting together will be on this important topic.            

    There are also several “open” groups that will be held:

                 Sunday, October 19th at Noon    or    Monday, October 20th at 7pm

2. Write your Trinity Dreams

An invitation to submit a short narrative of an aspect of Trinity’s life (Worship, Children’s or Youth Ministry, Transformational Presence in the neighborhood, etc) as it exists in 2025! Full Instruction page is here. Send your submissions to: Your deadline is Monday, October 27th - MIDNIGHT!