A Reflection on the Women's Fall Retreat

A Personal Reflection from Kate Ward. . . .  The Trinity Presbyterian Women's retreat was an incredible experience. Despite attending since 2011, this was my first retreat, but I am so glad I made a resolution to go this year. In this season of my life, I all too often feel too rushed and too busy. The weekend provided a chance to rest in fellowship with other women who listened, shared, and gave hugs, leaving me feeling encouraged and validated. One of the things I appreciated most about the retreat was the opportunity to take the time to get to know more women at Trinity. Together, with the wise guidance of Heidi Husted Armstrong, we delved into scripture, prayed, and worshiped God. Our focus and theme for the weekend was engaging with God's word and I know that many of us felt inspired by being able explore Jesus's teachings as a collective body where individuals had the opportunity to offer up their unique reflections and insight for the benefit of all. This set the foundation for us to be able to raw and authentically express joy, frustrations, tenderness, and mourning. Going deep meant being able to both wipe away each others tears and to throw our head backs and laugh together. The Sunday following the Women's Retreat really drove home for me just how meaningful the weekend was and the enduring impact it will have on my life because familiar faces are now also familiar stories, warm embraces, and continued words of encouragement.