Trinity's Children, Youth and Family Ministry

Mission Statement.  Trinity's Children, Youth and Family Ministry grows authentic, committed and loving followers of Jesus, one relationship at a time. 


Ministry Values

Intergenerational Community.  We believe that faith can only be nurtured and practiced in the context of relationships. These Christ-centered relationships should both connect peers and cross generations.

Sacred Storytelling.  We believe that children need to see where they fit into Christ’s story. When children interact with the Biblical narrative, church history, and the stories of their fellow Christians, they learn the language of faith and discover their own story with God.

Meaningful Service.  We believe that our calling from Christ is to inspire children and youth to live a hopeful and purposeful life. This is best accomplished through the practice of love, justice, and generosity.

Family Faith Formation.  We believe that parents are the primary faith influence in their child’s life. We seek to equip parents to effectively nurture faith in the home.

Radical Hospitality.  We believe that each child is beloved of God. We strive to embrace them in a way that helps them realize their belovedness. We seek to create an environment where children and youth feel safe to express their creativity and ask honest questions.  

Corporate Worship.  We believe that Trinity’s children and youth are a vital part of our worshipping community. We strive to include children in the congregation’s worship in age-appropriate ways.