Please join the Hilltop Business Association and the Hilltop Street Fair, as we honor our Hilltop heroes. Throughout the Hilltop community there are seemingly ordinary people who have touched our lives through their selfless acts of volunteer service.  

These heroes may have helped improve a neighborhood, save a life, performed an extraordinary act of compassion, or have demonstrated an exceptional spirit of giving. This year we will honor 3 different categories of heroes plus 5 special mention heroes in our community at the Hilltop Street Fair on August 23, 2014. (See Nomination Form, page 3)

Purpose of Awards: To recognize individuals, organizations and businesses   that have made significant positive impacts on the Hilltop community and neighborhoods. Award nominees can include individuals, organizations and/or businesses that have completed actions that have brought measurable or observable improvement or betterment to neighborhood areas of Hilltop or to all of Hilltop. These actions have somehow improved the livability and friendliness of the area.

Mission of Awards Ceremony: to honor individuals whose volunteer actions show a long-term intention for improving the Hilltop community and to inspire them to continue their interest in Hilltop.

Examples of heroic actions: include things like leadership, outreach, organizational development, parks/playgrounds, green space, nature areas, individual home improvements or changes to laws, regulations or attitudes that enhance the livability of neighborhoods (i.e. zoning changes, paving streets, density issues, flood control, neighbor relations). There have been beneficiaries of the actions in Hilltop in any age group. Awards are encouraged for actions that attract non-Hilltop residents to visit Hilltop and its business district.  Funding of projects can be from any source including taxes, private money, grants, mixed sources and in-kind labor.

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Who can be nominated? A nominee may be a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker. A role model that has had a significant impact on the Hilltop community. We have chosen to send you this nomination because you are knowledgeable about the Hilltop community and have been in a capacity to observe people who might be worthy recipients of one of these awards.

There are three major awards. A recipient is only eligible to receive one of these awards.

1. Lifetime Achievement

-sustained volunteer activity for 5 years or more in Hilltop community

- has made a substantial contribution

- resides in Hilltop and is currently alive

2. Innovative Business Leader or Service Provider

-active and alive currently

-has provided innovative leadership in either a business or a service in Hilltop

-may or may not reside in Hilltop

3. Hilltop Hero of the Year

-currently active as a volunteer

-sustained activity for 5 years or more

-work acknowledged by community

Criteria for Nominations:

  • Nominees must live or work in Pierce County.

  • The heroic activity needs to have positively impacted Hilltop.

  • The heroic activity must have occured within the last ten years.

Deadline for Nominations:  August 10, 2016

Contact Person:  franceslorenz@gmail.com

Page 3- Hilltop Heroes

            Hilltop Hero Nomination Form

Nominee’s Name ______________________________________________________


Telephone  Number____________________________________________________

Email address__________________________________________________________

Nominated by:




Why are you nominating this person?


What are the achievements of this person or organization?


What previous awards has this person/organization received?


Signature of Nominator: ________________________________________________________

Note: The Hilltop Awards Committee will fact-check applications. Please e-mail to franceslorenz@gmail.com on or before August 10, 2014.  Attachments are limited to one sheet only.