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Here on the Hilltop with Jaquette Easterlin


In our second week of Transformational Presence Month, we will hear from Jaquette Easterlin, Trinity's Learning Center Coordinator. Jaquette works with our partners at Peace Community Center and Tacoma Public Schools to provide afterschool tutoring and enrichment activities to the students at Jason Lee Middle School. In her fifth year at Trinity, Jaquette comes to us from Whitworth University, where she received a bachelors degree in Sociology.

Since October of 2011, the term “Transformational Presence” has been a guiding term for Trinity’s ministry posture here in the Bryant Neighborhood.  Trinity strives to be an authentic faith community whose presence not only brings relief and compassion to those in crisis, but hope through our efforts around education, advocacy, and authentic relationships with our neighbors.  In all that we do as a community, as we learn from one another and step into each others’ lives, our prayer is that mutual transformation takes place among us all. During the month of October, we focus on our commitment here at Trinity to live out this calling ... here in this place ... together.