Jaquette Easterlin has served as Trinity’s Learning Center Coordinator since since August, 2012. Edwina Dorsey from Trinity’s Personnel Team sat down with Jaquette to learn more about her story, and her work here at Trinity.

A beautiful, self-assured, African American woman who is cognizant of both her strengths and limitations and displays self-confidence in her infectious smile, Jaquette is a very warm, sensitive, and caring person.  She describes herself as a servant leader in the same community that made her the person she is today.

Jaquette grew up in a neighborhood a few blocks from Trinity. She enjoys spending time with her siblings. As the second child (and oldest girl) of six children, she assumed the role as a big sister with great pride. As a youngster she enjoyed going to church, riding her bike, going to school, and playing with friends.  She attended Bryant Elementary, Jason Lee, and Wilson High School and was one of the first groups to go through Trinity's Learning Center. Jaquette worked her way through high school babysitting and styling hair. She proudly states that she enjoyed her time as as an ActSix Scholar and names Tim Herron as one of her mentors. 

While attending Whitworth University, Jaquette traveled to New York, Atlanta, Chicago, DC, and Hawaii to study the homeless.  This “close-up and personal” experience confirmed her desire to major in sociology. While in college, Jaquette was an afterschool program assistant, taught a “Step Team”, helped students with homework, and supported others with afterschool activities. With such a busy schedule, Jaquette somehow found time to be an ASWU (Associated Students of Whitworth) Cultural Events Coordinator, an experience which she terms "gift". Jaquette graduated with a BA in Sociology May, 2010

Jaquette with AmeriCorps staff member, Kyle Lee

Jaquette with AmeriCorps staff member, Kyle Lee

After college, Jaquette served with AmeriCorps through NW Leadership Foundation in Tacoma at the Science and Math Institute. There she confirmed her passion for working with youth, specifically youth education. Ultimately, she hopes to serve as a school counselor, connecting students and parents to resources that meet their families needs. 

Jaquette’s face lights up when she talks about her passions. Serving her home community is a great joy, but also a great responsibility because she wants to do well, to feel like she is making a difference and that the work she is doing serves as an encouragement for students to do their best.  "I love my job and the people I work with. It offers lots of variety and stretches my comfort zone. For example, my responsibilities include partnering the Peace Community Center's Hilltop Scholars Program with the Bobcat Learning Center; overseeing four AmeriCorps Staff; contacting teachers and students; coordinating “Enrichment Activities (Monday-Thursday) which include Art, Health and Fitness, Glee Club, Creative Writing, 1st Tee Golf, Gardening Club and Knitting."  Whew!  Now that's a job!

Jaquette feels fortunate to have a supervisor that has allowed her to learn and helped her grow. ”Rod gave me a chance when I didn’t think I had the experience to get the job as the Learning Center Coordinator”.  Trinity is proud to have one of the students who went through the Learning Center program serve as the Coordinator of the same program!  

What does Jaquette do for fun?   She is always on the go, but still enjoys time to be reflective - journaling and writing her thoughts for the day. Jaquette enjoys conversations with people of different faiths and has learned, “you can believe and practice differently, yet still be a child of God.”  She has a passion for Zumba, “Mixxed Fit (hip-hop based), dancing, watching movies, and hanging out with family.

Jaquette has asked for prayers for her new baby girl, Jada (due October 14), the families she work with in the Tacoma community, the Jason Lee staff, and her family.