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What is the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is a middle school after-school tutoring and mentoring program on site at Jason Lee Middle School that provides academic assistance and homework help along with access to tutors and computer technology to neighborhood young people at no cost. Our goal is to support and accelerate every student's individual academic progress primarily through one-on-one mentoring and tutoring.

The Learning Center provides a safe space for students to make friends, have access to caring adult mentors, and receive homework help. We also put on a number of programs throughout the year including field trips, spring break activities, and evening events where our hours are extended and we share a meal and conversation with our students.

The Learning Center happens as a community partnership between Trinity Presbyterian Church, the Peace Community Center, and Jason Lee middle school.

The Trinity Learning Center was created in 1998 to serve the consistent at-risk middle school students who attend after school, as well as those who walk in to receive more occasional assistance with homework and study skills.  Each day after school, Trinity L.C. staff, along with staff from the Peace Community Center and occasional Jason Lee middle school teachers, assist 50-60 students with homework help and mentoring.  This has been an exciting new chapter in the history of the Learning Center! 

Questions about the Learning Center? 

Contact Jaquette Easterlin, Trinity Learning Center Coordinator at, or
253-272-8819 x101.

  Jaquette Easterlin (far right) the Learning Center Coordinator.

Jaquette Easterlin (far right) the Learning Center Coordinator.

What is the Learning Center Schedule?

Monday - Thursday:  2:50 – 5:30 at Jason Lee Fridays:  3:00 - 4:30 at Trinity

A typical day at the Trinity Learning Center looks something like this: 

2:50-3:05  Snacks

3:05-4:00  Learning Center Tutoring

4:05-4:30  Enrichment Activities

4:30-5:30  Learning Center Tutoring

On Fridays we have free time all day, with no mandatory homework time. It's a day for basketball, games, and generally just hanging out together. Occasionally we will plan field trips or movies for Friday afternoons.

How can I sign my student up for the Learning Center? 
We have a permission form that we ask parents to sign every year that students receive on their first day at the Learning Center. If you would like more information in advance, feel free to contact us (see below) or the Jason Lee middle school office.

Interested in volunteering?  Get to know Jason Lee youth by being a tutor! 
We are always in need of community members willing to volunteer their time to the Center. You do not need to commit to coming every day, or even for the entire afternoon, but we would love to have people that can come consistently for our kids. Please contact us if you are interested or would like more information (see below).