What We Need is HERE: Trinity's Capital Campaign

An Overview

In the fall of 2016, Trinity Presbyterian Church took an important step in our unfolding story. Together, we began the undertaking a of bold campaign to rebuild our church home right HERE.

  • HERE is where we were planted 125 years ago.
  • HERE is where we discovered our calling as a congregation - to reach out to neighbors.
  • HERE is where we live that calling out. on a street called Division, at the intersection of the North End & the Hilltop.
  • HERE is where partnerships with neighborhood schools have grown to serve kids and their families.
  • HERE is where people come for soup and school supplies and bus tickets and to see a doctor.
  • HERE is where doors are open so all may experience God’s welcome.
  • HERE is where we gather Sunday after Sunday to sing and pray and take steps in following Jesus.
  • And it is HERE and NOW that we are invited to grow deeper roots by investing ourselves and our resources.

The Project

We intend to fund a major building redesign and remodel. Our building is older and tired, unready for an earthquake, bursting with children, only partially accessible to neighbors, in need of a roof, new heating and wiring, and myriad of general modernizations. Trinity is glad to be working with experienced and creative professionals in this project: Broderick Architecture, and I.L. Gross Structural Engineers.


Capital Campaign Logo - Heart.png

The Campaign

Trinity's capital campaign is about investing in the future.

  • It is about building on our faith, and the faith of people who came before us, to revitalize our building for ministry and service. 

  • It is about deepening our commitment to the people of the Bryant neighborhood as we seek to live the Gospel in the heart of Tacoma.
  • It is about growing as a congregation through a better understanding of stewardship, community, and faith.
  • And it is about making a significant financial investment for the future of our church and its ministries.
Camp Trinity.grouppickingup aper.jpg

The Goal

Our goal is to raise $4.7 million by December 2019, through a vigorous internal and external campaign. Trinity's congregation is the bedrock of support and vital to this Capital Campaign. Already, our Trinity community has pledged $1.2 million, to be given over the three year period. Additionally, an anonymous gift of $1 million has recently been given to the HERE FOR GOOD Campaign. We are also inviting our larger community to partner with us and will seek resources from funders and foundations through the Here for Good Campaign.